The Leader with Roy Bato: The Fashion Visionary Marlon Tuazon 🌟
Join "The Leader" with Roy Bato as we unfold the vibrant tapestry of Marlon Tuazon's career in fashion. From dressing stars to aiding frontliners, his story is a must-watch!

In the next episode of "The Leader," we're thrilled to feature Marlon Tuazon, the CEO of Marlon Tuazon Couture, a name synonymous with elegance and innovation in Philippine fashion. Winning double gold at Ternocon 2018 and dressing the nation's A-listers, Tuazon has redefined style in the Philippines.

Marlon Tuazon's journey is a testament to creativity and resilience. From designing for celebrities like Sarah Geronimo and Bea Alonzo to supporting frontliners with innovative facemasks during the pandemic, his contributions are vast and varied. His work not only adorns the glamorous but also serves the community, blending fashion with philanthropy.

"The Leader" is a groundbreaking digital talk show hosted by Broadcast Journalist and KBP Calabarzon President Roy Bato dedicated to inspiring audiences around the globe. Launched with the vision to illuminate the paths of aspiration and resilience, "The Leader" brings to light the personal journeys of individuals who have carved their niches through relentless effort and unwavering determination. Our platform celebrates the spirit of overcoming adversity and achieving success, making it a beacon of hope and motivation for many.

Don't miss this episode where fashion meets inspiration, and learn how Marlon Tuazon continues to make waves in the industry and beyond.

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