Central Luzon's Leap Forward: P126.38 Billion Allocated for Infrastructure Boom
The Marcos Jr. administration earmarks P126.38B for 2,995 infrastructure projects in Central Luzon, aiming for economic growth and resilience.

In a groundbreaking move, the administration under President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has earmarked a whopping P126.38 billion for the 2024 national budget. This substantial allocation is set to fund approximately 2,995 infrastructure projects across Central Luzon, marking a significant 13.07% of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Region 3's total budget.

DPWH Regional Director Roseller Tolentino highlighted the 29.27% budget increase from the previous year, emphasizing the government's commitment to enhancing the region's infrastructure. The strategic investment includes P14.34 billion for 140 key projects by the Regional Office, with the balance supporting projects by 16 District Engineering Offices.

A significant focus is on ensuring a robust national road network and flood control, with 452 and 430 projects respectively, underlining the priority on infrastructure resilience against flooding.

Assistant Regional Director Melquiades Sto. Domingo attributes the recent economic uplift in Central Luzon to these infrastructure endeavors, noting their pivotal role in driving economic prosperity and establishing the region as an economic powerhouse.

With the region's economy expanding by 8.1% and reaching a valuation of P2.19 trillion in 2022, the DPWH's forward-looking infrastructure investments are poised to catalyze sustained economic growth, fostering a conducive environment for innovation and long-term investments.

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