🌟 DSWD Unveils Zero-Cost Satellite Office in Gapan City, Eyes Social Pension Expansion 🎉
Gapan City celebrates the launch of a new DSWD satellite office, a cost-free initiative thanks to Rep. Emerson Pascual, with plans to broaden social pension benefits.

Gapan City has become the proud location of a new satellite office for the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), inaugurated without impacting the public treasury. Social Welfare Secretary Rex Gatchalian expressed gratitude for the full support from the Office of Nueva Ecija 4th District Representative Emerson Pascual, who covered all logistical needs for the establishment.

At the opening ceremony, Gatchalian shared exciting news about the potential expansion of the Social Pension Program, aiming to extend support to a greater number of beneficiaries. This announcement aligns with the city's commendable efforts towards senior citizen care, highlighted by initiatives like monthly assemblies and a generous P3,000 birthday cash gift for the elderly.

Coinciding with the satellite office's inauguration, a mini trade fair showcased the entrepreneurial spirit of 18 DSWD Sustainable Livelihood Program beneficiaries. Visitors had the opportunity to explore a variety of affordable items, ranging from fresh agricultural produce to local delicacies such as pastillas and leche flan, as well as practical goods like detergents and dishwashing liquids.

Question: What impact do you think the new DSWD satellite office and the expansion of the Social Pension Program will have on the community of Gapan City?


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