Boosting Agriculture in Zambales: PHilMech Energizes Local Farming with P36.27M Machinery Infusion
PHilMech has revolutionized farming in Zambales by allocating P36.27 million in advanced machinery to 26 FCAs and LGUs, promising a future of enhanced agricultural productivity.

In a significant move to modernize agriculture in Zambales, the Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization (PHilMech) has allocated a whopping P36.27 million in cutting-edge machinery to 26 dedicated farmers' cooperatives and associations (FCAs) and local government units (LGUs). The machinery arsenal includes 20 hand tractors, six four-wheel tractors, six rice combine harvesters, four riding type transplanters, two precision seeders, and one state-of-the-art single pass rice mill.

Joel Dator, the visionary Director of PHilMech, announced that this generous machinery grant is part of the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF) Mechanization Program, aimed at propelling the agricultural capabilities of Zambales to new heights. "These tractors are not just machines; they are the keys to unlocking the full potential of our FCAs, each one fitted with a sophisticated tracker system to streamline farm operations," Dator emphasized.

The commitment of PHilMech to the agricultural advancement of Zambales doesn't stop here. Dator reassured the farming community that the agency is on a mission to provide comprehensive support. "From land preparation to the final stages of drying and milling, we are here to ensure that our farmers have the best tools at their disposal," he affirmed to the enthusiastic recipients.

Since the launch of the RCEF in 2019, a total of 156 FCAs and LGUs in Zambales have been the fortunate beneficiaries of 303 agricultural machinery and postharvest facilities, an investment in the future of farming that amounts to a staggering P232.14 million. This initiative marks a pivotal chapter in the journey towards agricultural excellence in the province.

Question: How do you think the introduction of advanced machinery will impact the agricultural productivity and sustainability in Zambales?


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