Bataan fisherfolk undergo fish processing training
BALANGA CITY (PIA) -- About 40 members of the Mabayo Agri-aqua Association in Morong, Bataan have undergone skills training on fish processing.

This training, conducted by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), aimed to equip local fisherfolk not only with valuable techniques for handling, adding value to caught fish, and processing seafood but also to foster sustainable practices.




BFAR Region 3 Training Division Coordinator Charito Coma emphasized the potential economic benefits for the participants, such as increased market opportunities and higher income generation through value-added products.




“The training covered three post-harvest technologies: deboning, smoking, and bottling,” she added.




Office of the Bataan Provincial Agriculturist (OPA-Bataan) Development Division Chief of Fisheries Gladys Resubal expressed hope that participants would leverage their newfound skills to create livelihood opportunities and augment their families' income.




During the training, OPA-Bataan Post-Harvest Coordinator Marionne Kimberly Tablan shared insights on deboning milkfish, stressing the significance of proper handling techniques to minimize wastage and maximize fish meat yield. 




She emphasized the dual benefits of economic sustainability and environmental conservation within the local fishing industry.




The capacity building activity also underscored the importance of hygiene and sanitation practices, covering proper storage techniques, temperature control, and packaging methods to maintain product quality and safety. (CLJD/RPQ-PIA 3)



Ms. Angel Faith Danganan serves as the President of Central Luzon Balita and has worked as a broadcast journalist with the news group for less than a decade. Originally from Capas, Tarlac, she actively participates in numerous civic groups and public service initiatives. She took up her Broadcast communication studies at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Manila.

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